Attendance at Birdsedge First School

We aim to promote a culture where excellent attendance and punctuality are seen as a fundamental requirement for all learners.  All pupils matter and being on time and in school is of upmost importance for cementing these key life skills at an early age.


· We aim to see all our pupils in school on time, everyday.

· We celebrate attendance achievements

· We have adopted the Shelley Pyramid attendance policy


Attendance Policy


Being in school everyday :

1. Helps pupils stay on track in their learning. It is never easy to ‘catch up’ when time is missed. Starting the day late can impact a child’s entire day and affects the whole classroom.

2. Reduces anxiety because your child will feel connected academically and socially when they are in school each day.

3. Builds confidence and good habits that will last a lifetime and transfer to life beyond school.


What can Parents/Carers do to support excellent attendance?

· Set a regular bedtime and morning routine.

· Get clothes and bags ready the night before.

· Only let your child stay at home if they are truly ill. Keep in mind that complaints of headache or stomach ache can be signs of school anxiety.

· If your child seems anxious about going to school talk to their teacher or Senior Leader for advice.

· Avoid booking appointments and holidays during school hours. If this can’t be avoided then please present a copy of the appointment

· Have a back up plan in place for getting them to school should something come up.