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General School Policies 

Attendance Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Monitoring and Evaluation Policy

The Mast Academy Trust Standards and Effectiveness Policies

The Mast Academy Trust General Policies


Policies Linked to Safeguarding

E Safety Policy

​​​​​​Behaviour Policy

Critical Incident Flowchart

Emergency Lock Down Procedure

Anti Bullying Policy

County Lines


Invacuating Procedures

Safeguarding Procedures


Policies Linked to Teaching and Learning

Calculations Policy

Curriculum Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Foundation Stage Policy

Homework Policy

Homework Information for Parents Autumn 2020

Marking and Feedback Policy

MFL Policy - French

Music Policy

PE Action Plan

Pupil Premium Strategy


Policies Linked to Inclusion

SEND Report 2020

Medical Referrals Policy

The Mast Academy Trust Staffing Policies


Policies Linked to Data Protection

Data Protection Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Privacy Notice Visitors and Contractors

Privacy Notice Pupils

Privacy Notice Governors and Trustees

Privacy Notice Workforce

The Mast Academy Trust Privacy Notices


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