Class 2 are our 'Hive of bees'. Just like bees they work hard, have fantastic teamwork and bring so many wonderful things to our world. 

In this section you will find regular updates of what we have been learning about in class and links to any home learning you might need. 



Week 7



We have made it to Christmas!  What a fantastic term we have had in Class 2.

This week we have fully embraced Christmas.  We have enjoyed the Christmas performance, Christmas fair, Christmas dinner and Christmas party this week!  We have also spent time in class making and decorating Christmas cards for the ones we love. 

Over the last couple of weeks Class 2 have loved making bunting, so we decided for our decorations we would have to incorporate our sewing skills.  All of Class 2 have worked really hard to make a hanging gingerbread man to take home for their tree.  They all look fabulous!

Thank you for a great term and have a well-earned rest this Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Miss Haigh. J

Week 6



We have started to see Christmas creeping into Class 2 a bit more this week. At the start of the week we had lots of fun making Christingles and attending the Christingle service in the hall.  Class 2 certainly enjoyed singing ‘Sing Christingle!’

We finished our bunting this week! It is now hanging, pride of place across our classroom.  We had some bumps along the way with tricky material and threading needles but we persevered and have a lovely end product.  Well done Class 2!

We have also had great fun learning some Christmas dances in PE.  We can’t wait to show off our dance moves at the Christmas party next week.

Here is our celebration bee for this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best! 

Week 5



Another week has flown by!  Yet again Class 2 have been busy bees. 

This week in Science we have been using magnets to create a game where the pieces are moved using magnets!  The children worked hard to design and make their games.  Next week we will be trying out our games and evaluating them.  Super work!

As part of our Home Front topic we have been learning about how people used to make do and mend.  As part of this we have imagined that we have gone back in time to VE day and want to decorate our school using bunting.  In order to do this we have had to use our sewing skills to repurpose old bits of material.  We can’t wait to have the finished product hanging across our classroom.


Here is our celebration bee for this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best! 


Week 4



This week we have been busy bees in Class 2.  We started the week by learning new vocabulary linked to the Blitz.  The children worked hard in pairs to match up words, pictures and their definitions.  They found it hard at the start of the week, but by Friday they were experts!

We have also been working on our Makaton in class.  We have done so well with ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ that we have now started to learn ‘Starry night’. 

A final picture I have included this week is of our topic homework display.  Well done to everyone who has completed a project on WW2 at home.  I have been so impressed with the effort taken.  I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the projects next week.

Here is our celebration bee for this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best! 


Week 3



This week we have been looking at magnets in Science.  We have been exploring the different materials to find out which are magnetic and which are not.  Did you know that some metals are not magnetic? 

We have also had our first ukulele lessons this week!  Thank you to everyone who has sent in a ukulele. We learnt four new songs; ‘My dog has fleas’, ‘Hey you’, ‘A sailor went to sea’ and ‘Row row row your boat’.

Here is our celebration bee for this week, who has been an inspirational role model! 

Week 5




Just like that, we have made it to the Easter Holidays!  It seems like we have never been away from school and I am so glad that it feels this way.

This week in Class 2 we have once again been performing poetry.  We have loved getting to know the poem ‘Alligator’ by Grace Nichols.

In PE this week we were able to join in with ‘Quad kids’ which had been run by teachers from Scissett and Kirkburton Middle Schools.  The children completed a long run, a short run, a throwing event and a long jump.  The children amazed me with their times and distances!  Some of us need to learn to start a long run slow so we don’t get tired!

This week we have also completed our class honeycomb! The children have been working to complete this all year! We have had to slightly adapt our reward to make sure it is Covid safe but we were still so excited!  Thursday afternoon saw us decorating gingerbread men!  This was after the whole school had a visit from the ice cream van!  What a fantastic afternoon of treats!

In Class 2 we have introduced a fifteen-minute session on an afternoon, dedicated to a love of reading.  The children can read what they want, with who they want.  They absolutely love it!  I have been so proud to see the enjoyment they show.  I hope that they all keep this love of reading up through the holidays.

Last of all I want to say a huge well done to everyone for how hard they have been working this term; at home and in school.  Have a lovely, well-earned rest and we will see you in April!


Here is our Class 2 Celebration Pupil who has been given a special mention because of their amazing behaviours and attitudes this week!

Week 4




This week in Class 2 we have been looking at a poem called ‘Have you heard the nesting bird?’  The children have made their own nests and performed the poem to each other.  I was so impressed with their performances!  We have some budding actors and actresses in the class!  We then went on to write some poems of our own, inspired by what we had read.

In PSHE last week the children were encouraged to come up with a physical challenge that we could try to meet as a class.  So on Tuesday, we did just that! A lot of the suggestions focused on running or exercising for so many hours.  We decided to aim for running a total of 17km; 1km for every member of the class.  Some children ran, some children walked, but we all joined in.  About twenty minutes after we started we calculated that collectively we had traveled 17.63km which was equivalent to 10.95miles! We all felt so, so proud of ourselves!

With all the hard work that has been going on in Class 2, our class honeycomb reward chart has been getting very close to full! It looks like we will be getting a whole class reward next week for all acting like super bees! Well done Class 2! You are all superstars!


Here is our Class 2 Celebration Pupil who has been given a special mention because of their amazing behaviours and attitudes this week!




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