Class 3 are our 'Dolphins'. Our oldest children in school who work together, help others and lead our school with their role model behaviour. Just like dolphins! 

In this section you will find regular updates of what we have been learning about in class and links to any home learning you might need. 




Autumn Term 2021 Week 1



What a great start to the new school year class 3 have made. This year we have decided to be Dolphins this year in Class 3 and the children have spent their first week learning about these amazing animals. Just like dolphins, this year the children want to be hard working and helpful in their Class pod! 

As the oldest class in school year 4 and 5 have also been finding out how important it is that they are responsible leaders for the rest of the school and have been really excited to learn about some of the leadership roles there are in Class 3. One of which is being a playleader. The children had their official playleader training this week and have been spending time practising the games and growing their confidence and coaching skills. Next week the children will be leading daily games on the playground at break times for the other children in school. 



Autumn Term 2020

Week 7




It's Christmas!! 

What a wonderful final week of term it has been for class 3 this week with all things festive. The children did amazing leading the Christmas performance and the final recording was fantastic. They also enjoyed visiting the fair on Wednesday morning and had fun together with party games in the afternoon. In class we have been inspired by Darrell Wakelam in our Christmas decoration constructions! 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you back in the new year!


Week 6




During the week, we have spent quite a lot of time trying to complete our timelines that show the development of confectionary through the ages. We discovered some remarkable facts and were astonished to find that Haribo are very recent sweets but bubble gum had been in existence since 1926.


Thursday saw arrival of the Writing Assessment! Some of the class were a bit nervous about it, but all of the children were determined to do their very best. They all had to write a five part story based on the story of ‘The Empty Stocking’ written by Rebecca Cobb. 

Here is our celebration Lobo from this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best!


Week 5


The children in class 3 have well and truly launched themselves into December with a bang! Rehearsals for the school Christmas Performance have started and it is already looking fantastic. Children have worked hard to learn the opening dance routine and are already half way through the finale. They have led other classes by performing for the school and leading the way in what good stage performance looks like. We have been so impressed with the energy, commitment and skill children have shown and can't wait for the final performance to come together. 

Here is our celebration Lobo from this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best!


Week 4


This week the children in class 3 have continued to be hooked into their class book 'The Boy at the back of the class'. In reading we have read further to chapter 5 and used our summarising, retrieval and word meaning skills to better understand what we have read. We have applied our reading to our writing too, continuing with the sweets theme we took from the book last week and writing poems about Sherbet Lemons! 

Here is our celebration Lobo from this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best!


Week 3



This week the children in class 3 have started reading a new book as part of their literacy learning 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q. Rauf. Sweets is an important theme in this book so the children were hooked into the new book by being challenged to design their own sweet. There were some fantastic ideas, amazing creativity and lots of enthusiasm from all. We can't wait to find out where the book takes us next.


Here is our celebration Lobo from this week, who has been an inspirational role model in their resilience and play leader skills! 


Spring Term 2021


Week 5

A super week in Class 3 the LOBOS!

I have really enjoyed watching the children playing as a big team on the Ball Court. Everyone looked to be having fun and it showed me that Class 3 were showing some good moves towards being a pack and looking out for each other.

We have been writing a biography of Scientist Sarah Gilbert. A lot of useful information about her life was extracted from a published article.

In Art, we made a chicken using an egg box and followed the instructions published by Darrell Wakelam. It was a fun way to bring a symbol of Easter into the classroom.




Here is our Class 3 Celebration pupil who has been given a special mention for their amazing behaviours and attitudes this week!

Week 4

How fantastic to see all of the LOBOS returning to school in such high spirits. It was so nice to catch up with the children and return to in person learning.

We finished off our writing about dragons by doing an entry for the dragon spotters handbook.

It was science week and we decided to look at the process of chromatography. We separated the dyes in felt tip pens and food dyes and skittles. We tried to work more like scientists by making predictions based on our experiences and we tried to record our observations accurately. We made a video to share with other classes to explain what we did and what we found out.

In English, we read The Magic Box by Kit Wright. We then used our imagination to write our own version. Some really beautiful images were described and it truly produced some awe-inspiring writing.



Here is our Class 3 Celebration pupil who has been given a special mention for their amazing behaviours and attitudes this week!

Summer Term 2021

Summer Term 2 Week 5



Our previous week ended with a talk by two pupils about household pets. They had put a great deal of thought into engaging the class and provided light refreshments in the form of popcorn and buns. To add to their spoken knowledge, they had made a power-point which included fun facts pictures and questions to quiz their audience!

Our maps of South America have been completed. I think they look really good. It has taken a number of lessons to finish these and I am hoping that the children will remember to name over half of the countries in South America and be able to locate them on a map.

Our information texts have also been completed. We tried to write as experts and explain all about the structure and life in the rainforest. I think that there are some good examples of lively, interesting and informative texts.

On Monday, we had a whole class debate on deforestation. The children each had a role to play and they tried to persuade us to accept their point of view. One pupil was so good at being the owner of a fast food chain that I ended up thinking that deforestation was ok! Then another persuaded me that as an inhabitant of the rainforest, she would end up homeless and displaced after generations living in the same part of the rainforest. A lot of good points were made and the children worked well in their small groups to form a cohesive argument.

Summer Term 2 Week 4 


Class 3 are studying rainforests and as part of this topic we are looking at the biggest of all of the rainforests, the Amazon. We know about deforestation as well as the products derived from the rainforest. As part of this topic, we are studying the physical geography of South America. We have made an outline of the continent and its countries out of salt dough. We are painting these and labelling the countries. I think that they look great.

We continue to be fascinated by the amazing talks planned by the Y5. We heard one about being a Twitcher. We saw enthusiasm and knowledge about varieties of birds and their habitats. He also shared the activities he does as a bird watcher and how he records his sightings. He brought in his binoculars and reference book that he uses to identify the birds that he sees. A super talk that was informative, interesting and well presented. We also had one prepared about Parkour. They explained what it was, demonstrated some of the moves and explained the history and safety points associated with it. They brought in a lot of visual aids and equipment as well as preparing a power-point presentation. Well done boys!

As a class, we are thinking about a suitable theme for our Year 5 Leavers Party. We are trying to come up with an idea for food, clothing and games. The last party we had, we chose Mexico as the theme and we ate fajitas, played pinata and wore sombreros! All ideas welcomed.


Summer Term 2 Week 3

A fantastic talk from two pupils to kick-start our week. The talk that the boys had prepared was about Marvel. They explained very clearly about how the comic originated and when they then went on to describe some of their favourite characters and their powers. It was informative and interesting. It included a lot of books and pictures as well as artefacts. I learnt so much. I think I will start reading about Captain America as the children have assured me that it is good starting place! 


We also took a group of Year 5 children to a pyramid sports Rounders Tournament this week. We were so glad that the pupils were able to take part in this before the end of their final year. The team did amazing, representing Birdsedge Brilliantly and showing excellent effort and team work. We competed in a total of four games and finished in 3rd place. Well Done to all! 

Summer Term 2 Week 2



Another great week in Class 3. We had some more brilliant talks shared with the class. This week we heard someone share with us their passion for baking - speaking clearly and enthusiastically about baking with her grandma and making lots of yummy biscuits and cakes! She even brought in a sample of her goodies for us all to taste and admire. Well done you! We also heard about another pupil's visit to Portugal caves and had some very interesting questions about their boat trip! 

This week we have also created a three dimensional rainforest in the corner of our classroom. We have identified the layers of the rainforest and have drawn creatures and plants that can be found in each layer. We are hopefully becoming more expert with our knowledge so that we will be able to write an information text next week.

Finally, we used the learning we have been doing around Fractions in maths to create some fraction art work. Firstly finding fractions of different shapes, comparing equal fractions and using these creatively to make pictures. 

Summer Term 2 Week 1


What a brilliant start back we have had in class 3 this week! We started off the week in fantastic style by having two presentations on Monday. Children have been taking turns over recent weeks to present a talk to the rest of the class and we have been blown away by the enthusiasm and effort shown and developed our speaking and presentation skills throughout. We have also loved learning new things from each other! This week we found out about the hobbies of mountain biking and scootering and using a mini-rocker. We found out all about the places you can do this in a safe but challenging way. This talk was backed up by a slide show and the equipment of scooter and helmet too. It was interesting to see pictures of the tricks that can be done or aspire to do. Well done you! We also had a second, very interesting, talk prepared on chickens. I learnt so much, as did everyone in class. Did you know that chickens have ancestors who are dinosaurs? I also never knew why chickens peck at the ground, but now I do. Another great presentation spoken with interest and authority on the subject. Well done to you too!


We also applied these speaking and presentation skills to our Science learning this week in performing a Healthy Food Rap as part of our learning in this subject for Science. Take a look here: 


Summer Term 1 Week 7



We always feel proud of how much of a credit our pupils are to our school. This has particularly been the case in class 3 this week, with some excellent representation of school above and beyond the classroom.

Firstly our Eco Ambassadors were involved in an important activity learning about our 'Global Footprint' as part of their work towards becoming a recognised 'Eco School'. The children were engaged, interested and motivated to use what they had learned to help our school to be more environmentally friendly. 

Secondly, we had brilliant representation at the Cross Country event at Shelley College. Braving muddy fields and long distances and showing excellent self motivation. 

Summer Term 1 Week 6


Well, it is that time of year again...Maypole time! Learning Maypole dances has been a tradition at Birdsedge First School for a long time and after school closures last May, it has been great to get the Maypole out in full use this week! Class 3 have started learning their dances and are supporting other year groups to learn their own. The skill and concentration needed for the routines to work is huge and we feel really proud of how we are doing with the dances. The patterns made with the ribbons are incredible to watch being created and we can't wait to share them with each other later next week. 

We have also felt really proud this week of the learning behaviours we are seeing in class this half term, each week we choose a different pupil for a class award such as 'Outstanding Effort Award', 'Improver of the Week and 'Mathematician of the Week' who get to keep their very special trophy in pride of place on their desk for the next week. 

Summer Term 1 Week 4


It has been an exciting week for some children in class 3 this week. Following our trip to the post box last week, we have started to see some replies coming back to our amazing letters written last week. Our first one was from Boris Johnson! We have also had wonderful replies from family members, inspirational authors and Sir David Attenborough! Amazing! We keep our fingers crossed and remain hopeful for more replies to follow soon!  

Summer Term 1 Week 3



One thing we are very passionate about in Class 3 is creating real reasons and purpose for using the writing skills we work so hard to develop. In our class novel 'The Boy at the back of the Class' we recently reached a part of the story where the character writes a letter to somebody very important. Inspired by this, we have been learning how to write a quality letter ourselves and were really motivated to apply these skills to writing our own letters to someone who we think is important or influential. This week we took pride in sending our final drafts off and will be eagerly awaiting our replies!

Summer Term 1 Week 2

For our Forest Friday this week we joined in with Kirklees 'Our Voice' Team's work around Climate Control. We went outside and together had a think about some of the things we could actively do to create a cleaner, safer and greener future for Birdsedge. Here are our ideas of the things we promise to do.

The paper we recorded our pledges on will be planted and hopefully grow some meadow flowers to attract more wildlife and minibeasts. 

Summer Term 1 Week 1


This week we have a great return to school after the Holidays and enjoyed getting back into routines and building our stamina for learning. We have started an art project that we have been really motivated towards. We looked at the work of sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti learning about him as an artist and looking at examples of his work. We went outside to look at the shadows our bodies cast in the sun and used chalk to explore the different shapes and heights we could make. This then led into further work around sculptures, finishing with making our own figures that we feel so proud of! 


Our amazing Celebration Assembly children from Summer Term 1

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