Class 1 are our 'Herd of Elephants'.

Our youngest children in school who work hard to be thoughtful, caring and to never forget, just like real elephants! Elephants are an animal we love so much and are proud to be in class 1. 

In this section you will find regular updates of what we have been learning about in class and links to any home learning you might need. 



Week 7






This week in Elephant Class we have been even more excited about Christmas! We all enjoyed our Christmas performance while we did our Little Donkey dance and our Twinkle Twinkle dance. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! We had our Christmas Fair, where we saw Santa! There was a chocolate raffle and a cookie stand. These alongside the snowman balloons were our favourites! We also made calendars to take home. Yesterday afternoon we had our party! We played lots of games including Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Musical Chairs, Musical Statues and Sleeping Lions. Today is Christmas Jumper Day and we have enjoyed showing off our fab jumpers! We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you in January!

Week 6



This has again been a very busy week in Elephant Class! We had a letter from a worried reindeer, asking if we could take care of her baby reindeer because she has to go to work with Santa and the other reindeer. Of course we were very excited about this and wrote an email back. This led onto writing letters and cards with a Christmas theme, alongside reading “The Jolly Christmas Postman” as we learn about writing all sorts of messages to each other. We have been wrapping presents of all different shapes and sizes to go underneath our Christmas tree. Year 1 have worked very hard in their Maths assessments to show how much they have learned over the last term – a huge well done to you all! We have dressed up and acted out the Nativity story as well as practising our dances for the school’s Christmas performance. All the children enjoyed making their Christingle oranges and learned about the significance of the Christingle. A massive thank you to Pat and Tom who came to do these sessions with us. We took part in the BBC live lesson at Chester Zoo, learning about animals’ camouflage and habitats. We made dens using branches and a groundsheet with Mrs S! Possibly the most exciting news for Class 1 though was the arrival of our new class pet – a baby garden snail. We learned what a snail needs to live a healthy happy life with us and have made a suitable home for our tiny friend. Of course the snail needed a name! We had so many ideas – the more notable were Christmas Dave, Blackstop and Tiger! However after a fair process of being drawn out of a hat, our snail is now called Cleo Lulu Rio Snailo. 

Here is our celebration elephant for this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best!

Week 5




This week in Class 1 we have been bitten by the Christmas bug! On Monday morning we walked into our classroom to see Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, and twinkly lights – we were amazed! We sang along to traditional and modern Christmas songs. We read the story of the Nativity, from different perspectives, and thought about how there is usually more than one side to every story. We talked about the reasons Christmas is celebrated by people around the world. We have been practising our dances for the Christmas performance too – we are getting very good! In Maths we compared groups of objects and numbers, ordering them from most to least. Outside we continued our physical development as we built obstacle courses and used chalk to write words we learnt in our Phonics lessons. Year 1 earned so many housepoints each for their hard work this week in Phonics lessons – ask your child how many they earned! We continued our learning in our Space topic, using the books we found in the library to gather interesting facts about the solar system to add to our display.

Here is our celebration elephant for this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best!

Week 4



This week we have continued learning about Space and our solar system. We learnt facts about Helen Sharman and we imagined what it would be like to actually go into Space. We wrote about what we could see and discover. Alice made a fabulous diagram of the solar system and other children drew and painted aliens, space vehicles and planets. We used kinetic sand to create the surface of the moon and completed our Space jigsaw, by working as a team! Outside we made waterways, gathered and investigated leaves that have fallen on our playground and brushed them away to help our physical development. On the computers we made pictures using Dazzle.

Here is our celebration elephant for this week, who has been their Birdsedge Best!


Week 3 



It has been a very busy week in Elephant Class this week! We began our new topic and are very much enjoying learning about our solar system, using information from books and from the internet. We learned a very catchy song about the planets – maybe the children will sing it at home for you! We now know that the Sun is a star, we live on Earth, and that all the planets orbit around the Sun. We named aliens using our phonic knowledge! We have trained as astronauts and have made our own space rocket to blast off on our adventures. We used our knowledge of 2D shapes to make windows for our rocket and if you look closely, you can see us all ready to go! In Maths we have explored properties of 2D and 3D shapes, been on shape hunts and used mathematical language correctly to describe properties of the shapes. Our key text has been Beegu by Alexis Deacon, and we really enjoyed the story of the little creature who crash-landed on a strange planet. We made missing posters so that if anyone saw Beegu, they could get in touch to help her be reunited with her family. We pretended to be Beegu and wrote letters to her parents asking for help, including all the things she saw and experienced.  We thought about how Beegu must have felt, being all alone in a strange place where she couldn’t understand anybody and nobody could understand her. We talked about the importance of being kind, as part of Anti-Bullying Week, and made sure we say kind words and do kind things always. In PE we continued to improve our gymnastic shapes, pointing our toes and positioning our bodies correctly. We also learned how to jump and land safely.

Here is our celebration elephant for this week, who has been an inspirational role model! 

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