At Birdsedge First School we are on a very exciting journey to creating a school that provides the ‘Best’ of everything, for every person.

We want give our children Brilliance in their knowledge through a broad and balanced curriculum.

We aim to provide Excellence in every child’s education by making sure lessons are consistent and use strong and high quality teaching. 

Through both of these aspects we hope that children will enjoy ‘learning to learn’ through developing basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values through discreet subjects. We also hope children develop curiosity, enquiry, resilience and an openness to new ideas. 

We want all children to be Successful in their wider lives both now and in the future due to the knowledge, skills and experiences we give them. 

We want our children to be unique individuals who celebrate their own place in a diverse community and wider world. Community involvement and local knowledge and traditions will have an active role in this. 

Ultimately, we want all of this to happen in a safe, positive and inclusive school culture where every child feels safe and happy through the Trust we have in each other. 

Our children should leave Birdsedge First with a sense of belonging and a confidence for decision making that helps them to be lifelong learners and ready for their next stage in education.