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Easy Fundraising

Please take this opportunity to do some fundraising for us! Click on the Easyfundraising button below to visit their shopping site. This will allow you opportunities to do your normal online shopping, and donations will be made to school by whoever you shop with. Also, try clicking on Easy Search (below) and you will do a normal web search, but raise a small amount of money for school.

Once you have registered you can click through via the options above. To remind you to keep raising money you may also take the following actions.

  1. Point your homepage or Favourites to: www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/birdsedgefirst
  2. Set your default search engine to:       birdsedgefirst.easysearch.org.uk/
  3. Install the Find and Remind shopping toolbar in your browser. It will remind you every time you visit a site that could potentially be used to raise money for our School via Easy Fundraising.
  4. Visit the Easyfundraising Special Deals page.
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